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Probate Administration And Litigation

Probate is a legal procedure overseen by the probate court system that determines the validity of a will and identifies a decedent’s assets so that the estate can be administered, inheritances distributed to beneficiaries, creditors and taxes paid and so forth.

At James & Carter, PLC, we assist clients through representation in probate matters and also litigate claims against the estate such as contested wills, alleged breaches of fiduciary duty, alleged abuses of power of attorney, pay on death disputes, protection of beneficiary rights and trust litigation, to name a few.

As probate lawyers, we provide legal assistance to executors, conservators and trustees in relation to their administrative duties as well as offer representation for individuals and corporate entities in their claims against estates.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your concerns regarding probate administration or litigation, please call our office at 501-588-3584 or contact us online through our website.