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If you or one of your employees is accused of sexual harassment, you need a strong lawyer at your side to navigate the process of responding to these charges. At James & Carter, PLC, our Little Rock sexual harassment lawyers have years of experience dealing with sexual harassment claims against employers, and we have achieved positive outcomes for our clients. We also represent victims of harassment. Our experience in defending these claims gives us valuable insight into how employers respond to sexual harassment allegations.

Understanding Sexual Harassment Claims In Arkansas

Sexual harassment consists of unwanted sexual conduct or sexual advances at work that create a hostile working environment. This conduct comes in many forms, including:

  • Threats. In many cases, sexual harassment is coercive. A manager may offer to give a subordinate a raise in exchange for the performance of a sexual act or threaten to fire a worker who will not sleep with them.
  • Lewd conduct. Harassment often consists of unwanted touching.
  • Offensive speech. Workers are protected from repeated exposure to sexually explicit jokes, material or emails.

There is no requirement that sexual harassment between a worker and his or her supervisor. Any employee can be responsible for harassing any other employee, and an employer may even be held liable for repeated conduct by a nonemployee. Likewise, gender is usually irrelevant for determining whether harassment occurred. A woman can harass a man, a man can harass another man and a woman can harass another woman. Our discrimination lawyers represent employers and employees in all types of sexual harassment claims.

Helping Workers Bring Sexual Harassment Claims Against Employers

If you are being harassed or subjected to a hostile working environment, it is important for you to document everything that happens. If safe and possible, you should ask the responsible party to cease their behavior. You can also complain to supervisors. This step helps you preserve your legal rights, so you should be sure to keep proof that the complaint was made. If the behavior does not stop, our attorneys will help you file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and, if necessary, bring a lawsuit to get you justice.

Protecting Workers Accused Of Harassment

If you have been individually accused of sexual harassment, our firm will conduct a thorough and efficient investigation of the circumstances surrounding the claim. Our team will focus on making sure your rights are not violated and preventing your employer from taking punitive action without proof of wrongdoing.

Defending Your Business Against A Sexual Harassment Claim

As an employer, your workplace must be kept free of sexual harassment. When you work with us, we keep you informed throughout the entire process so that you can make educated decisions regarding the future of your business. We move quickly to investigate the charges against your company to demonstrate that you take the allegations seriously. Our Arkansas sexual harassment attorneys have worked for both employers and employees in these situations, so we know both sides of the law. We leverage our knowledge to fight vigorously and effectively on your behalf.

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