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It can be difficult to let go of employees who have been loyal to your company, but one way you can make the termination more positive for both parties is to offer severance packages. Determining how and when to offer severance pay can be difficult, so it’s important to work with a Little Rock severance packages lawyer at James & Carter, PLC to ensure you craft strong agreements that leave your company in a good position.

With more than 70 years of combined experience, our attorneys offer you the knowledge and attention you need to move forward successfully with severance package agreements. We’ve represented employers and employees, so we know the typical concerns of the people on both sides of this issue.

It Can Be Difficult To Determine Severance Pay

Employers may offer severance to terminated employees for a variety of reasons, whether they are laying off or firing people or even if an individual resigns. Severance package agreements may include stipulations that the employee cannot try to collect unemployment benefits or sue the company for wrongful termination at a later date.

The amount of severance pay may vary based on each employee’s wages and may be decided in negotiations between the employer and the employee. Severance payments are usually made in lump sums, although employers sometimes pay them in bi-weekly installments like a typical paycheck.

A Severance Packages Lawyer In Little Rock Crafts Strong Agreements

Our accessible employment lawyers work closely with you to ensure you get the most out of your severance pay agreements with former employees:

  • Crafting agreements. We leverage our knowledge to create strong severance agreements that leave nothing to chance.
  • Negotiating terms. We work with both parties to find common objectives, developing an agreement that works well for everyone involved.
  • Covering your unique needs. Our top goal is to help you create severance agreements that leave your business in a good position moving forward.

As your legal team, we move efficiently to make the most of your time and money.

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